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by anonymous
I have just purchased this TRM250 and i'm unable to see why I have very poor speeds, I've tried two different sims one vodafone (which I can obtain speeds of 10 Mbps (Capped to this) 4G yet I can only get around 90 kbps when in this modem, I also have tried with O2 can similar results from the the TRM250, and when I put this sim in a HUAWEI E8372 I get speeds in excess of 10 Mbps again on 4G, do I have a faulty modem? Thanks

1 Answer

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by anonymous


Keep in mind that TRM250 only supports LTE Cat M1 and NB-IoT for 4G, as you can see on the device’s datasheet or on the specifications:

TRM250 - Industrial cellular Modem | Teltonika Networks (

This means that you will not get higher mobile speeds than 1 Mbps ideally due to the technology's specifications. You can see the maximum speeds of each LTE category on the following wikipage:

LTE Speed Discrepancies - Teltonika Networks Wiki (

You can check with your mobile service provider what is the speed they guarantee for this technologies on your area. If your antenna is correctly positioned (preferably close to a window) and swiveled in your TRM250, you should check that your host is not running any other connection or updating anything in the background while you are running your speed test.

Kind regards.