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by anonymous
I'm setting up an RUTX09 to use as a temporary Internet router while we deal with some site changes. I was hoping to set it up with Vodafone and Three SIMs with failover, but am having some issues. I've already updated to the latest firmware (RUTX_R_00.07.02.4) in case that was a cause.

First problem is that the RUTX09 fails to recognise any SIMs except for Vodafone. I have SIMs from EE and Three, which work fine in other devices (tested using a mifi), but in the RUTX09 they don't even register as present in SIM1 or SIM2 slots.

Second problem is performance. On my mifi with Vodafone testing here I get 20Mbps, but with the same SIM in the RUTX09 I get ~2Mbps (this is with a wired connection to the RUTX09, and RUTX09 and mifi are next to each other so 4G signal strength will be roughly the same).

Can anyone suggest what I can do to resolve these issues?

by anonymous

I am interested in this as the issue I have is very similar.

The only sim which works properly is Vodafone. 

RUTX09 WITH DRATEK OR WATCHGUARD IPSEC BOVPN - Crowd Support Forum | Teltonika Networks (

1 Answer

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by anonymous
Hello Nik,

Can you provide the troubleshoot file from the router when both sims are connected?

You can download the troubleshoot file from WebUI > System > Administration > Troubleshoot.

You can send the troubleshoot file using the private message.

Meanwhile, you can refer to this video to improve your internet speed: