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by anonymous

I am having issues with using RUT240 to connect through 4G using a sim from Optus.

I tried 'Scan for Operator' and the router came back with only 2 operators, Vodafone AU and Telstra (both major network provider in Australia), and the status of both operators are shown as Forbidden and I am not sure if this is normal.

If I was to get a sim from either Vodafone AU or Telstra, would the router make connection through 4G despite the 'Forbidden' status?

Router is running on the latest firmware by the way.

2 Answers

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by anonymous
Operators do not 'roam' (generally) on other operators within their home country. So, yes, if you buy a SIM from either Vodafone or Telstra you will have a connection.

In our case: We have actually very bad connectivity in NL due to no signal from KPN, but plenty from T-mobile and Vodafone, but as soon as we leave the country, for example Germany we can use any operator that is available basically.
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by anonymous

Are you sure your SIM operator has coverage within your area? Could you test the SIM with another device?

Your SIM card is only allowed to connect to its service provider, connection to other providers would be allowed only if there is some cooperation between them. Thus, you should not have issues connecting to the other operators with their appropriate SIM cards.

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