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by anonymous
I use the RUTX11 to provide internet for my computers via SIM1 and a local mobile account. My computers connect to the RUTX11 via LAN or WiFi to get Internet access.

I'm confused how the RUTX11 treats VPN connections. The company I work for requires that I use a corporate VPN client (GlobalProtect) to access the corporate network. This works just fine, and that computer has Internet access and access to the corporate network.

I also use Surfshark VPN on my computers and other devices for personal usage. However, when the Surfshark VPN client connects to one of its servers, that computer loses access to the Internet. Is this expected behaviour? If so, why does the GlobalProtect VPN work and still allow Internet access, while the Surfshark VPN doesn't?

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by anonymous


Surfshark requires additional setup. For instructions related to OpenWRT systems (RutOS is based on OpenWRT), please refer to this page:

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