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by anonymous

Looking at the documentation, this looks easy to do but cannot see how I would set-up in the OS ie is the internet connection via PtP Bridge on the LAN handled any differently?  

Would someone be good enough to confirm and point me in the right direction on set-up?

Thanks in advance. 

3 Answers

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by anonymous

Based on the topology provided, the only thing that you would need to is to connect the switch to any LAN port of RUTX11 and then just make sure that you're topology has no duplicate subnets and/or IP's.

How other components are acting (as LAN or WAN) I can't really tell you.
by anonymous
Ah, that's re-assuring, thank you. I've ordered a unit so I can build and test in our workshop before arriving on site.
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by anonymous
Ah, nuts. That's not working as hoped.

So, the problem is that the internet connection is coming via the PtP wireless bridge, so I cannot connect the WAN port on the RUTX11 directly to the ADSL modem. Internet source has to come via LAN as it is (literally) miles away from the RUTX11.

I wanted to load balance between wired internet (via FTTC modem/router situated a long way away from RUTX11 and connected via PtP bridge as illustrated) and mobile internet.

Can this be done with this unit?

Any help would be appreciated.
by anonymous

Would this be a possible connectivity scheme for you:

Because if you connect both the WAN and the LAN networks to your switch, they will not really work. I guess I missed that part a bit.

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by anonymous

Not at all PauliusRug. I appreciate your input. My problem is that I cannot get WAN to the RUTX11. I have ordered a different modem which will, hopefully allow me to do this, but I feel a more comprehensive schematic is needed as I forsee other issues moving forwards!

My Known Unknowns at this point are:

1. Assuming the Unknown FttP Modem in Location A only has one WAN port, how do I get this to the PTMP wireless station given this is already plugged into the single WAN port on the Hub?

2. How do I connect the dog-leg in Location B? Unmanaged network switch OK?

3. How do I configure the RTUX11 such that I can load-balance between the fibre broadband originating in Location A and the Mobile Data come from the cellular network in Locations C and D?

4. Which Unify Controller? 

Will also post in Ubiquiti Community as there will, no doubt, be some opinions as to the best way forward. 

Thank you again.