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by anonymous
I have a RUT950, and I am using the app Teltonika Wifi.

When I am using the mobile connection I got for example a 4Mbps speed, but when I connect to my local internet at home, using the Wifi App, (while I am still connecting through my rut950 router) I got the same speed. While I was waiting that the router will use the local WAN, and I should have 100Mbps instead of 4Mbps.

What is the point to use and configure different wifi connections on the app, while I got the same speed? According to the explanation on the wifi app, it says: “ It enables to conserve mobile data, by utilising public and private networks”.

But, if this is true, why I got the same speed as the mobile internet compare with the private network?

What is the point of the Wifi app then?

1 Answer

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by anonymous

Are you sure that you were using the router connectivity when testing?

Have you tried to disable your mobile data connection and then connect to the router with the app?

To test, which interface is used to route you to the internet, you can simply check what is the WAN IP that the interned sees you with.

Best regards,
by anonymous

Thank you very much Zygimantasbliu. 
Yes, I am sure that I am connected to the router, and then I used the wifi app. See the screen attached. 

How I can disable the router mobile data? I tried the Teltonika apps, like Wifi, RutOS and RMS, but I cannot find the way. 
By the way, do you know how I can change from one SIM to the other SIM?

Thanks again,