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I want to send our Modbus data to the server on my server.

I have made 1 HTML form with javascript to send data to the server.

I'm confused about how can i connect that HTML page to our router to send data to a server.

Please share some details about the same.

If I'm going wrong please do need full.

Thank you.

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Our devices have built-in functions to read data using Modbus and then send it to a server using HTTP. The data to server function has a customizable JSON format string.

Modbus TCP master for data collection

Data to server function to send data in JSON format

Hello sir,

I have tried it with Hercules. Success with same.

As you told a built-in function to the server using HTTP, It's about the outer server or teltonika RMS/own server?

My application is read on my own server.

Please told me how can I present the data to a server in the actual server?
Our device would read it and then send it via to a HTTP server.

I know that the device read Modbus data and gives us JSON string format.

I want to know the procedure to read data on the HTTP server.

Can you explain in brief?
I see. For that I cannot really give any comments as that would highly depend on the server itself