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by anonymous
Dear Support and Community,

I am currently facing an issue with having a very slow internet connection with my RUTx09 once again.

Changed the location (went outside etc.) and installed newest firmware and also reset the device to its original state, but it did not change the behaviour. This is occuring since couple of days now.

I also attach the troubleshoot file.

Please tell me, if something went wrong.

Best regards


1 Answer

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by anonymous

From the troubleshoot file it seems that the issue you have is a quite weak LTE data signal which is at -103dB at the time of the troubleshoot, where -100dB is considered disconnection. I would suggest trying to see if you have better luck using other bands or try to place the router in a different place that might have a better LTE signal.
by anonymous
Changed the location, but it is still very slow.

I provide you with another troubleshoot file.

This one is from my working place.

Best regards