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by anonymous

RUT950 with latest FW

I can’t reliably access the interface of a RUT950 by using its IP number and can't find any good reason why this fails.

I’m on macOS Big Sur 11.6.8 with Safari 15.6

In a client’s LAN the login page of the RUT950 simply does not load and eventually times out. This happens with Safari, Chrome, Firefox and MS Edge. Using Wi-Fi or a wired Ethernet connection does’nt make a difference.

I can always access the very same router in the same LAN from my iPhone (14.8.1) or from my iPad (iOS 12.5.5), both of these obviously over WiFi.

Typically, when I enter this office I can access this RUT950, but then something happens and later subsequent logins to the same router fail and my browser or Mac cannot recover from it.

Restarting the router or the Mac doesn't solve the problem. 

The first idea is about some fault in the router. But iPad and iPhone have no problem, another Mac in the same office doesn't have this problem. I can even access the router via Teltonika RMS remotely.  

Once a fault appears I can't surf the internet with none of the browsers.

A PING to the router from TERMINAL is perfectly normal.

Any idea where to look?


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by anonymous

There are two reasons that come to mind:

Browser caching issues

There is a device with the same IP somewhere in the local network and then networking confusion happens.  As this is only connected to one Apple product it's most likely an issue not at the router end.

Unless there are some strange routing rules on either the MAC or the RUT950. I would also check those.
by anonymous
As it was related to just one MacBook we had a much deeper look. Eventually we changed the LAN IP range on the RUT950 which gave us instant access.

Surprisingly, we found under #/system/admin/access_control/safety that the IP of said MacBook was on the block list (for ports 80 and 443). This explains at least what was going on.

What triggers this blocking and how can I avoid that it happens again?  Should I simply switch IP block OFF?
by anonymous
This is triggered by having 10 failed login attempts