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by anonymous
I have 99 credits in a 1st level company, but have organized my devices in 2nd level companies with the "Use Parent Credits" toggle enabled.

One of my 2nd level companies has run out of data and will no longer generate HTTPS links. It seems the use parent credits toggle doesn't work for this purpose, but I also don't see any way to manually use my 1st level credits to buy data for the 2nd level companies.

Is there a way I am missing?

1 Answer

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by anonymous

This option is to let lower-level companies use credits for management but not for data.

The quick option would be to generate some credit codes, activate them on 2nd level companies and then use those credits for data.
Best answer
by anonymous
That's unfortunate. It sounds like I shouldn't use sub companies for organization purposes if that means I will then have to perform separate credit purchases for each of them.
by anonymous

You do need to do that, you can generate the credit codes yourself or you can just transfer them to any sub-company. You can find this info here.

by anonymous
Perfect - That is what I was missing.