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by anonymous


I want to know about the Data to server access control setting for sending my data to the web page.

I have sent data to Hercules it's working ok.

I have done coding to make an HTML form with my PC's IP address same configuration as Hercules, But it's not work.

Please share the settings of the access controls page to verify my end.

Bcoz I'm confused somewhere related to HTTP non-authorization and HTTPS authorization.

Thank you.

1 Answer

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by anonymous

A simple HTTP server, like Hercules, should not need any authorization set for the communication.

It's very hard to tell why would you not be able to access your coded HTTP server as it's your personal work I would suggest looking for any mistakes in the code.
by anonymous

Thanks for your reply.

I'll try.
by anonymous

Maybe that 1 question will be solve my error.

Con you please confirm that what will be my "URL and port in data to server" page, when I'm using Localhost (xampp server)

In xampp I'm using Localhost with port 8080.

I'm using now in URL192.168.1.239:8080 (Which one is my PC's ip)

Thank you
by anonymous
Yes, when sending HTTP message on non standard ports, :<port number> can be used and will work