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by anonymous
Can someone familiar with RMS guide me as to how to obtain a 30 day trial of RMS? I am an experienced network admin with developer skills, yet unable to get my first device to register on RMS! As far as I can determine, Teltonika provide absolutely no support for their products directly and therefore support is only available via this community (or via the "distributor", who will simply refer me to this community). Here's my expectations, config, symptoms:


New device, added to RMS with serial number and LAN MAC address. Device RUT955-T03 has firmware version 07.01.4, and RMS is enabled in the device, and all internet diagnostics (ping, DNS, trace route) all working - I am typing this question whilst connected behind the device. When device tries to connect the error message returned is "Error: Device is not registered in RMS. Please login to and add this device to your account device list." On RMS management portal the error against the device is "This device is currently not Activated", so my theory is that because I have no credits the RMS management portal is refusing to "Activate" and therefore my original question: How to I obtain a 30 day trial of RMS?


At Teltonika claim: "We offer a free 30-day trial for every new device so you can try RMS free of charge for one month!" My expectation is that once I find out how to register for this 30 day trial I will be provided with 1 credit sufficient to "Activate" my device for 1 month.


I have a wired internet router (public IP) with a LAN port dedicated for testing Teltonika devices, with no router firewall rules on that port - the Teltonika device (RUT955-T03) will be responsible for it's own firewall. I have 1 PC connected to LAN1 on the Teltonika. It really couldn't be simpler.


When I navigate the RUT OS to Services > Cloud Solutions > RMS the device SN & MAC are shown (SN: 1118692579 | LAN MAC: 00:1E:42:45:5D:51) and RMS is enabled, however the "Connection state" shows "Failure (Error: Device is not registered in RMS. Please login to and add this device to your account device list.)"

...and on the RMS Management Portal the device is listed with the correct SN & MAC, but with the error message "This device is currently not Activated, which means it has never connected to RMS therefore, monitoring information will not be shown. You may apply a firmware or backup configuration upload although, it will be verified only when the device becomes online."

I have attached the troubleshoot file "troubleshoot-file_SN-1118692579.tar.gz" to this question.

I invite comments from users of RMS, to help me understand where/how I obtain the 30 day RMS trial for this device, or any other helpful advice you may want to impart to me.

Many thanks,


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by anonymous


This is rather strange behavior. The that this process works is:

  • You go to RMS and a device to your RMS company.
  • You provide the device with internet connectivity.
  • It will automatically try to connect in some intervals but you can force the connection with the connect button.
  • Make sure that ports 15009 and 15010 are open as without them the router will not be able to create the MQTT tunnel to our RMS server.
The ports I mentioned could be blocked by your local network administrator (could even be you). Full list of ports and IPs used can be found here.
The 30day trial start after the device makes a first connection to RMS and becomes online on the platform.