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by anonymous

I've discovered that the data limit counter (Data Used) is reset after the reboot of TRB140. In that case it seems to be not very usefull... Maybe I am missing something; is there a way how to preserve the value of the counter over the reboot?

1 Answer

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by anonymous

The counter seen at the interfaces is since boot, to check how much data was used please go to Status -> Mobile usage.
by anonymous

Thanks for your answer. I am sorry but Mobile usage says:

 No mobile usage data collected

 for Day, Week and Month and for Total there is

Total usage *: 19.31 MB

Sent *: 1.49 MB

Received *: 17.82 MB

I know that yesterday it was over 9 GB, so the information is very inaccurate, I have no idea what it counts.

Although if it collects data properly, it won't send SMS and  the interval for collecting could not be set (I have 16.7. - 16.8.). I would recommend to modify the behavior of Data usage not to be reset after the reboot.