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by anonymous
Hi everyone,

I am using RUT240 which I set to connect automatically to any available network (SIM cards is roaming to any available network) and I limited it to 3G and 4G.

Last week one of the operators that the modem/SIM was connected to had network issues which caused the connection to be really bad but still the modem didn't decide on switching to another network.

One question is, when does the modem decide to switch to another network?

I am assuming that RSSI and other parameters are used in that decision, the question is can I configure a threshold which if the signal strength is worth than a certain limit then the modem should trigger network scan and connecting to a better one?

Best Regards,

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by anonymous


These decision features for the sim switch are configured by yourself. To do this you must access via Network→Mobile→SIM Switch. There you can activate the switch by signal, data limit, no network access, etc. 

by anonymous
Thanks for your reply!

I think you are talking about a different topic.

RUT240 has one SIM card only and I want to know how the modem decides to switch to different operators on this same SIM card.

I think what you meant is more for the modems that has two SIM cards.
by anonymous
Sorry for the misunderstanding. In that case, you can configure which operator it will connect to in the mobile configuration. You can see in the Network Operators settings how you want the configuration, if automatic or to the operator, you decide. If you mean which operator it connects to automatically, it depends on the SIM provider and the plan. Usually, it will try to connect to this one first by default.
by anonymous
No worries. so I set my modem to connect automatically with any operator and my SIM card is meant to be used for IOT projects so it can connect to many operators all over Europe but what I want to figure out is how to configure the modem that once it finds that the signal from one operator is not good to trigger searching for another operator that has a better signal, I can't seem to find a configuration for that though.

I am checking that because I had a situation where the operator signal was so week and modem keeps connected to it and didn't try to connect to another operator with a better signal quality.
by anonymous
Our devices do not have a configuration that allows you to change operators depending on certain parameters such as the signal you mention. Normally this change of operator or provider is controlled by the main provider management system. Unless you have a specific APN that allows you to connect depending on the signal that the modem is receiving at that moment. You can ask your SIM provider how they control the main provider.