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by anonymous
We have installed more than 50 devices, all using Teltonika routers  RUT500  and the most recent ones RUT240.  On 2 devices only we have a very large consumption, much higher than the other ones,  so that after 10 days maximum the traffic limit is reached and they switch off internet connection.  How can I check if something is wrong ?  Would it be necessary to update their firmware ?

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by anonymous

We always recommend updating to the latest FW version because of the available security fixes and improved or new features available on the device.

To track the traffic on the device, you could download a 3rd party package using OPKG called darkstat, this collects to which hosts and how much data is transferred. This would allow you to filter where your traffic is flowing are if there are unwanted hosts
by anonymous

Hi, there seem to be several versions / architectures of darkstat, eg DSM 5.x DSM 6.x, SRM 1.x

I downloaded a DSM and SRM version, copied to my RUTX11, and tried both to install via CLI as root using opkg install, but get errors :

"cannot install <package name>"

Pls advise? Where can I get a teltonika-compatible version? Thx!