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by anonymous
We have a Hughes 9502 Sat modem connected to the WAN port of the RUT and our device is connected to the first LAN port on the RUT955.

We have verified that the SAT modem does indeed connect to the satellites and is able to transmit data but when we connect it to the WAN port on the RUT955 we have problems sending data from the device on the LAN port to the WAN port to be transmitted via satellite modem.

We even try to ping/tracert on the CLI of the RUT955 to verify transmitting of data from the RUT over the satellite modem is possible... which does not seem to work.

Do you have tips to debug problems with routing traffic from the LAN ports on the RUT to the WAN port, which we connect to the satellite modem?

1 Answer

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by anonymous

Please check the satellite IP is not in the same subnet as the LAN IP of RUT955.

Because if they are, that's why you have no internet access
by anonymous
Hello, thanks for the quick answer.

We have checked that the satellite IP is not in the same subnet as the LAN.   It seems to be something else wrong.... we can use one kind of satellite modem but when we attach the Hughes 9502 sat modem to our WAN port ... then we have problems.  

We seem to get a IP address (not in the same subnet) from the DHCP server from the sat modem on the WAN port, so that is ok.

Like I said, the modem itself seems to work directly attached to a laptop, that seems to be ok.  That means that the Hughes 9502 has data.

what should we check next?
by anonymous
We have found one problem.  The DNS Server of the LAN connetion of the RUT was mistakenly set to the address of the sat modem... but the sat modem does not have an DNS Server.

We still do not understand how the DNS requests from a host on the LAN network are to be forwarded to the DNS servers from the satellite modem connected to the WAN port.   That is, when a device on the LAN network sends a request to the DNS server on the does the RUT then send the DNS request to the appropriate servers connected to the satellite?