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Hello, how are you today?

We try to use serial connection over UDP, but, when we try to connect to RUT955 using UDP, the device not answer or data is blocked to RS232.


Device: RUT955, FW: 07.02.3

RS233 Configuration: Serial Type: Over IP, Protocol:UDP, Mode: Server, Port:22340, Number of clients: 10

Firewall: External Port: 22340, Internal IP Address:, Internal Port 22340

When configure the RS232 in Mode: Client, the communication was succesfully to the other side. Begining the communication from RUT955.

Now, when I try to connect to RUT955 remotely using UDP & TCP the communication was unccesfully.

So, I think is necesary add a parameter or open a port into FIrewall, but I can't found more information about this issue.

Can you help me to resolve this issue? What I missing do ?

Thank you!

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In the IP filter section you can delete both entries as by default, all IP's are accepted.

And yes, you do need to create a traffic rule that allows connections from WAN to this port in LAN