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by anonymous

Hello. Can you help me answer a question about setting up NAT on an RUT950 please.

Using port forwarding to remotely connect to LAN devices using private_IP:port, please explain how to configure NAT rules/tables on an RUT950 that allow multiple WAN addresses to map to LAN IP:ports?

 An example of a single existing port forwarding rule that is using a WAN IP address/network is attached.

My question is how to create a NAT rule to add another WAN IP, in addition to the IP address, that can also NAT to the same destination IP, port 443?      

Would it be possible to provide an example of how to 'map multiple WAN addresses to internal subnets' that have LAN hosts using IP:port 

For example, the port forwarding rule below forwards https from the source WAN IP to the destination LAN IP.

How is another WAN IP added to do the same port forwarding to the same destination address:port?  Does this require SNAT, as the RUT950 manual states to 'map multiple WAN addresses to internal subnets' or another port forwarding rule that uses the other WAN IP?

Adding another port forwarding rule that uses the port already in use e.g. 443, but that uses a different source i.e. a different WAN IP generates a warning. 

There must be a way to specify multiple WAN addresses for the port forwarding rules but its not clear from the RUT950 manual how this is done in the Firewall rules.

It would be very helpful to receive advice and guidance about the questions raised above please.

Thank you.

1 Answer

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by anonymous

This seems like a reasonable configuration, does it work?

From my side, this looks like there should be no issues running this.
by anonymous

Hello. Thank you for asking if this works.

the original question is based on finding out about how a RUT950 works with NAT and port forwarding.

Agreed that the above should work for one port forward rule for 443 for each WAN IP but perhaps the intended question is, how is source NAT configured for multiple WAN IP's connecting to multiple hosts in the LAN using the same ports.

Concerned about the port warning that is displayed when the same port is used used for a second WAN IP. Would this generate a conflict on port 443 although both WAN source IP addresses are different. I don't know and wanted to check.

from the Rut950 documentation/user guide and information available on the WIKI I don't know how best to configure multiple WAN IPs, that use different ports from the outside, to NAT to hosts on the LAN  that use fixed ports.
I don't think that creating dozens of port forwarding rules is the correct way to do it.
Without the benefit of an example in the documentation I'd be grateful to know how to achieve this.  

I'm not explaining the above very well. Perhaps this helps to explain the question. 

For example, how are multiple WAN IPs configured, not just 'any' or 'one' source IP,  for each port forwarding rule? 

Thank you.

Thank you.