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GOOD: Thank you Teltonika support for your help with updating the modem in my RUT360 so that I could get Carrier Aggregation to work.  The good news is that it now works.  I think it would be wise to warn other RUT360 users that updating to new firmware without updating their modem might result in the device not working any longer, but that is up to you!

BAD: The bad news was that I thought I could do it on-site by using my phone as a hotspot.  So I went out there with the WiFi ears for the RUT360 and got everything set up. First of all I had to update the firmware to the latest version anyway, even though the RUT360 then lost its connection, but then it all worked fine through my phones access point up to a point where the modem firmware update uses SFTP (I think - I didn't take great notes) and then I found out that Vodafone (who I recently switched to) block the SSH ports...  So the process stopped, and the RUT360 couldn't see its modem any longer.  At this point I was a bit sad.  I had to drive home with everything, and use my home Internet connection.  Thankfully, the process completed OK.

FEATURE REQUEST: Having done all that, finally I have Carrier Aggregation working.  Unfortunately, because of the configuration of the masts around me, If I lock the RUT360 to 'B3 and B7' it instead aggregates 2xB3 channels.

For background, both the B3 channels are approx. 7Mbps down and 7Mbps up.  B7 is approx. 60Mbps down and 5Mbps up.  There are lots of users on site, so I need the fast download, but there are also security cameras so I need better upload speed too...

Ideally, I would like to be able to select B3 and B7 in the dropdown menu, so my idea is this:  Would it be possible to lock only to bands selected in the Band Selection drop-down?  I.e. if B3 is only in there once then it can only use it once, if that makes sense? I think it would be quite intuitive (perhaps even more so that it is at the moment) if you were able to add 2x 'B3' bands to that selection box, for example.  So if I wanted the current behaviour I would have 'B3 B3' in that selection box.  At the moment you can only add 'B3' once, I think, before it is removed from the drop-down; if you could add it twice that would make sense and also give the option to have 'B3 and B7' without it simply aggregating two B3 bands.

That way I could have Carrier Aggregation where possible, because at the moment (after all that work!) I am having to lock to band B7 which is a shame...

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by anonymous

Thank you for the suggestion, we always appreciate the feedback and try to improve our products as much as possible to provide quality service. I will take this point up to our RnD team.

Also, might it be, that at that exact location B7 is very weak and the modem is not able to connect to it that's why the B3 aggregation is used?
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by anonymous

Thank you!

B7 is a little bit weaker than B3 but it's perfectly usable - in fact the RUT360 has been locked to B7 for over a year with no problems but I'd like to be able to add in one of the B3 channels, both for redundancy and for the increase in upload speed.

However as discussed, I can't do that without it picking up both (slow) B3 channels...  But a change to the interface would enable me to do just that laugh