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we are using firmware 7.02 and  we are trying to set the SIM pin for sim1 (or sim 2 for that matter, shouldn't be an issue right?)  via JSON/rpc and the uci set commands but unable to do so where by the modem will actually update the SIM that it is using.

1) we do a uci set simcard pincode

2) we do a uci commit simcard

3) we try ubus call sim change

4) we try another ubus call sim change

doing a reload_settings was not enough to make the sim take effect in the firmware...so I added 3) and 4) to do that

Is this a bug or what are we doing wrong?

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You should be able to change the SIM card's PIN via JSON-RPC without any issues. The examples of changing the router’s SIM card’s PIN via JSON-RPC on Windows and Linux OS devices can be seen in the PDF document below.


Let me know if you have any further questions.

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