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by anonymous
Good afternoon,

the GPIO output has been correctly programmed to be ON. When the router is rebooted, output remains OFF for a while (I think during the firmware boot) then turns again ON.

Is there a way to program the GPIO output in order that it remains OFF everytime the router is turned on as a sort of Default Value?

1 Answer

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by anonymous


From what I understood, you would need to change the default value on the device startup.

Sadly, custom scripting is beyond the scope of our technical assistance, and it is hard to say what is not working without seeing your actual script.

I would advise adjusting your current script or creating a new one accordingly and then uploading it to rc.local file. The scripts in this file are executed at the end of the device's boot cycle, meaning the script will start on the router's startup. Custom scripts can be uploaded to rc.local file via:

  •  SSH - /etc/rc.local
  •  WebUI - System -> Custom scripts.

You could try turning off GPIO output on startup with the following command:

uci set ioman.dout1.value='0'

uci commit ioman

More information about RUT240 custom scripts and UCI commands:

Let me know if you have any further questions.

Best regards,