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Hello everyone,

I'm trying to build the GPL firmware for the TRB140. All is working great, expection made for the status leds.

In particular, leds mob_ssid_1 and mob_ssid_2 are respectively always on and always off, even during the startup/shutdown sequences, where all the other leds flashes. After a brief initial period, where all the led are blinking, the two mentioned leds become stuck.

Every change using the command line to these two leds is not applied, while the others are working correctly.

The only error noticed using the logread command is the following:

Thu Aug  4 12:52:24 2022 daemon.info ledman[4765]: [trb1_workaround_init:59] error: Unable to write "/sys/class/gpio/gpio986/direction": Operation not permitted

 Is there anything to change in the building configuration file to solve this problem?

gpl_version: TRB1_R_GPL_00.07.02.4, source from tar without edits.

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Hello Nicofossa,

Is it possible to test the latest SDK TRB1_R_00.07.02.5 and test?



Hi Shivang and thankyou for your answer.

I tried compiling the new SDK release starting in an empty folder (so the working dir was clean for sure) and the leds are still misbehaving as before.

By the way, I'm updating the fimware using the web interface, by uploading the file *_WEBUI.bin

Please tell me if you need any additional information.

Best regards,

Hello Nicola,

It seems a bug in the firmware and the SDK. We have updated R&D from our side.

The issue will be fixed with upcoming firmware.