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by anonymous
I have RUT955 (RUT9_R_00.07.02.4). I have provide internet to RUT955 on its WAN connection with Public IP. I want to access RUT955 wireless wifi 2.4GHz connection with this WAN on my mobile wifi internet. I have enabled the wireless interface of RUT955 when i tried to connect from my mobile to RUT955 wifi, it shows 1 client trying to connect but after it got failed to connect in mobile. Can you please help me with this config? I have attached my troubleshoot file for the references.


RUT955 WAN: (Public IP)

RUT955 Wireless Interface:2.4GHz (Access Point type), Wifi: RUT955_1CBB

This RUT955_1CBB wifi I'm trying to connect from mobile but its not getting connected.

1 Answer

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by anonymous

You have in fact sent in a backup, could you attach the troubleshoot file?
by anonymous
Attached a troubleshoot file here.
by anonymous

Thank you for providing the requested troubleshoot file.

Based on the provided troubleshoot file, it can be noted that your mobile device (72:3f:3b:c9:42:50) can connect to your WIFI (RUT955_1CBB) and successfully authenticate, but can not automatically get an IP address.

The backup file provided shows that DHCP service is disabled on interface "lan". We strongly recommend enabling DHCP on the interface so that your devices can automatically get IP addresses. Another option would be to configure static IP address, subnet mask, gateway and DNS server on your devices.

Also choose "lan" instead of "wan" under Network section of the General Setup on Wireless Interface Configuration.

Kindly implement the suggested changes and provide feedback.

Kind Regards

by anonymous
Yes, Thanks for the suggestions.

I have enabled DHCP on the LAN interface & set LAN as a wireless network interface, & my devices got connected to RUT955 wifi.

It got works. Thanks for the support.