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I have created API access token with the following scopes:

  • device_credits:read
  • credits:read
  • credits:write
  • command:execute

 When I try a PUT request to /devices​/credit with

                          "data": [
                              "device_id": (device id 1123123),
                              "auto_extend_credit": false,
                              "credit_enabled": true

I am getting a FORBIDDEN response:

{"success":false, "errors ":[{"code":"FORBIDDEN","message":"Forbidden."}]}"

Do I need to grant some additional scopes?

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You can find the full guide for RMS credit code creation here.

Also, please make sure, that you are properly authorized

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The referred document deals with managing credits (transferring them, generating codes etc.), but not with applying already existing credit to a particular device, which is where I am facing the problem reported