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by anonymous

L2TP/IPSEC connection to Unifi USG

Sorry, I see similar questions but cannot find an answer that works in my case. Trying to establish a L2TP connection over 4G LTE from RUT955 to a Unifi USG. Have tested the connection with Windows device behind the RUT955 and it works fine. On the RUT955 the IPSEC connection seems to come up fine:

But LT2P never connects. I am getting this in the logs over and over again.

Any assistance on where to look next would be greatly appreciated. This is driving me nuts - Also have an RUTX11 and does exactly the same thing.  Both on R_00.07.02.04.

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by anonymous


After snooping around for a bit, I found that trying to downgrage the L2TP version could help. To to that, you would need to install a FW version that is older than 7.1 and then try to see if the connection still fails.

Also, please, double check if all of the configuration is correct, like the right and lefts ids, ips and so on.

by anonymous
Thanks heaps, I have checked all the settings dozens of times now so pretty confident in those. Connection type is 'transport' which simplifies a lot of them anyway. I am offsite now, but thanks for the tip on firmware, will give that a go tomorrow.