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by anonymous
The RUTX11 we have is quite likely to reboot if the power cable is moved, sometimes even if really slightly touched, or if moving the router itself, without touching the power cable.

It is powered by a Talentcell 12v battery and a 4 pin to barrel adapter because we need it mobile, but we made sure neither the cable nor the battery are to blame, trying all possible configurations - it's definitely the socket itself.

What should we do if we'd like to fix the port ourselves? Is there any disassembly guide out there, any recommendations?

We have a tight schedule and can't afford to send it for repairs or to wait for a new one to arrive.
by anonymous

Sorry I can't help with the repair (good luck!) but I'm curious, when you get time I would really love to see some pictures or more detail about that battery pack you rigged. I know Teltonika sells some cables etc. but no official battery pack, yet.

edit: seems they recently added this: BAT120 (didn't see it before)

by anonymous
This is a problem for the RUTX12 also. We have several in production and are seeing this across all the devices. Changing adapters indeed doesn't solve the problem. I wonder what the official recommendations are?
by anonymous
There's no "rig", it's just a Talentcell YB1208300

The wide input voltage range allows you to use a wide variety of batteries, it's the same with field sound recorders such as Sound Devices or Zoom, there are lots and lots of battery packs that can be used, no need for an official one.

EDIT: voted down because it's not an answer. I don't know the forum's mechanics - but maybe it could raise the possibility that some employee will have a look at the question
by anonymous
Until they answer I have no choice but to experiment. Will post here if I find anything out
by anonymous
I have problems on my Rutx12 as well if the power cable is moved, even if really slightly touched, or if moving the router itself, without touching the power cable. I can't either afford sending to repair as I depend on this for connectivity on my streamings.

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by anonymous

Could you tell me where from did you buy this particular RUTX11 from? We will then arrange the PSU replacement with the specific shop.

This also applies to any person that commented on this post