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Hi Support

last two days I could test the RUTX11 on the road.

But I’m very disappointed. I have two issues:

1. If the mobile connection is there - then it is very very slow. Subjective 10x slower than simple iPhone11 without any additional antennas. Both devices on 4G LTE. Tried with different providers (Telekom/ o2/ Vodafone) RUTX is always slow!

2. Multiple times a day the “Mobile” goes away. Looks like the modem board is switching of. In the WebUI the Mobile section (always first position) disappears (see screenshots).

In the logs there is nothing smart (screenshot) visible.

Looks like an very buggy firmware. Any advice how to fix it?

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It seems that you have a device that has a faulty LTE modem that is disconnecting from the device. I would recommend returning it for warranty service.

Whenever the modem is disconnected, the Interfaces > Mobile sections disappears as the WebUI does not detect a modem

Regarding the issue, where iPhone has better download speeds than RUTX11, please refer to this wiki article.