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I actually bought 20 of RUT240 and I'm facing an issue on my LTE/4G testings.

I stoppped receiving datas from the router for about 4 minutes.

I was not able to identify wether the router has reboot or lost connectivity.

it occured on 1120972958 from 2022-07-28 18:50 ->18:56.

Since router boot time is very long for my usage, I really need to know if this is a mobile network issue or a router behavior.

No automatic reboot is configured, nothing in rms events, logs a reset at startup as i seen.

Please could you help ?



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I would recommend updating to the latest FW version of the device and then try to see if the issues still persits.

In the auto reboot functionality, you can specify, that only the router modem would be rebooted if connection breaks
I CHecked latest firmware but have no way to reproduce easily.

My issue does not concerns manual or expected reboot,

i really need to know if there was a power loss or a network loss.

Is there a way o know this from any of rms logs ?

From router local logs ?