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Dear Support,

we have several installation in place with the setup WAN interface as additional LAN.
-> https://wiki.teltonika-networks.com/view/Setting_up_WAN_as_LAN

We must use now the WAN interface. If we revert the setup a described above the WAN interface is still down -> LED is black.

Any idea about this problem
BR, Tifoso

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Could you please specify if it was the exact steps you have taken to revert set up:

  1. Removed eth1 interface in 'Physical settings' section of LAN interface;
  2. Enabled WAN interface;
  3. Added eth1 interface in 'Physical settings' section of WAN interface in case it was removed.

If you have taken the exact same steps as above and it still does not work, could you please restore your router to default settings and see if the WAN port is still down? You may refer to the guide below on how to do that:

Please take caution when restoring to default settings if the device is based in a remote location, as restoring to default settings might cause the device to be unreachable.

Before a reset, you might also want to save your current device. The guide below contains information on how to generate a backup file:

If the issue persists after a device reset, please go to System -> Administration -> Troubleshoot, generate a troubleshoot file and send it to me.

Let me know how it goes.

Best regards,

Hi Domas,

sorry the delay.

I have still the same problem. I can not revert the WAN port in the current configuration. WAN interface is still down.
If I reset to factory settings I can use the WAN port. It is not a problem with the cable or WAN router.

I will send you the log files and the current config file. I must you the current setup it is a now way for me the reset the router and reconfigure it from scratch......

BR, Tifoso