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I have a installation with a  RUT955 with a SIMs and it connects normally via cellular. The router has the Wireless Access Points enabled to provide Wifi connection to a 2nd device (for the Wan Failover). How can I make sure the RUT955 disables the WiFi when it does not get cellular coverage/connection?


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If I understood correctly, you want to disable a specific wireless AP every time your mobile connection loses connectivity to the internet. If so, you could try to create a custom script to ping from your mobile WAN interface any well-known IP address on the internet like: (Google DNS) and use the output to decide whether to enable or disable the wireless AP.

To do so, you may need to check the uci commands to properly enable or disable the AP and use the crontabs tool for setting the periodical script execution. I will drop some links below regarding this information:

Crontabs information:



UCI commands:


I hope you find this information helpful on how to solve your query.