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by anonymous
Is it possible to execute AT command (e.g. through gsmctl -A) with the sms utilities? If so, how to achieve it?

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by anonymous


What exactly do you want to achieve with the AT commands? Currently AT commands cannot be sent by SMS utilities. But you can perform other functions, a very useful one is the UCI commands. Here are some links with more information.

Best answer
by anonymous

I want to:

  • set APN and figured out that it is possible with UCI commands,
  • run at+crsm to check blacklist of operators and potentially clear it
by anonymous

In that case, you can do everything by UCI commands.

  • To make the APN change you must follow the following steps.

          First, look at the configuration

           #uci show simcard

          next, you will need to enter your desired APN:

          #uci set simcard.sim1.apn=’your apn’

          Final steps:

          #uci commit


          I would also like to point out that if you have auto APN set up then you need to disable it additionally.

          #uci set simcard.sim1.auto_apn=’0’

  • To view the blacklist and modify it you must follow the steps below. 

         First, apply the command to check the list. 

         #uci show operctl

         Then you can apply the commands to delete the operators. This must be done one by one with each configuration. For example Orange

         #uci set operctl.@operlist[0].name='Orange'

         #uci set operctl.@operlist[0].mcc_mnc='20801'