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by anonymous

Our RUTX11 running  R_00.07.02.2 has just been powercycled due to on going site work. 

It is still after 60 minutes showing as offline on the RMS.  

My question is what is the reconnection attempt interval to the RMS? I saw this information pop up somewhere when I was setting it up, but I can not find it any more. The people on site are non technical, I do not want to "send smart" hands to site until I am sure there is an issue. 

1 Answer

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by anonymous

Think you are looking for this?

Enabled - RMS functionality is always on. Retrying connection every 2-5 minutes if disconnected from the server. 14 days after the device has disconnected, the router will go to Standby mode.

Standby - Router tries to establish a connection with the server infrequently - 6hrs between attempts. This is being done to save mobile data. In order to start using RMS. user intervention is not necessary from the router's side. Worst case scenario - RMS connection will be established 6hrs after adding it to RMS.

Disabled - RMS functionality is completely disabled. In order to start using RMS later, the user must enable

by anonymous

that is exactly what I was looking for.