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by anonymous
New to Teltonika and the RUTX11.  My question is in regards to SIM switching on data limit thresholds.  What I'd like to accomplish with the RUTX11 is a rudimentary load balancing configuration where the device will round-robin between the two SIMs as a data threshold is met for each SIM (ex. 10gig).  I have no desire to cap the total data usage, just evenly spread it across the two SIMs.  The switch back to primary function hints that this may be possible.  Is what I'm describing possible with this device?

Thanks in advance.

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by anonymous


It is possible to do the configuration you mention. First, you must go to Network→Interfaces and go to mobile interfaces. There you must configure a data limit. You can do it per day, week or month. Then you can configure in Network→Mobile→SIM Switch an automatic switchover with a data limit. So, if the data limit is reached the switch to the other SIM will be made. If you activate these same steps on the second SIM, then when it reaches the limit it will switch over to the first one. I think that's what you are looking for, isn't it? Here are some links that may help you. 

by anonymous
Thanks for the info.  Do you know what the result will be if the second SIM switches back and the data limit on the first SIM has not been reset?
by anonymous
If you switch back to SIM 1 there will be no connection. This is until the counter has been reset according to your configuration. For example, if your configuration has a daily limit. The next day the counter will be reset and you will be able to access the Internet again.