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by anonymous
Hi, in direct response to my query a couple of weeks ago on here as to whether the RUT240 would be suitable for my residential situation, I purchased the modem. After the initial "no data connection" message, the next operation was to upgrade the firmware. I have tried both manual and auto APIs and have the same result. That being No Data Connection.

The carrier is Telstra in Australia. The SIM works on my old modem. There is no data limit. Both antenna ports have been tried with no difference to the error.

I have attached the troubleshooting file per your instructions to another user. I sincerely hope you can help.

Thank you for helping out.

Edit: sorry , I should have added the signal is a full two bars. Certainly strong enough for a data connection.
by anonymous
I think it's clear to say now this is solved. Resolution is in the comments.

Thank you to all who commented.

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by anonymous


Does the SIM work in a mobile device, is it not bound to a single device?

From the logs it is seen that the LTE signal indicator values are rather poor. 

You can try placing the router in a different location. 

Another thing you can change is the LTE band the router connects to. Currently, it is connected to band 28. By following the instructions in this video, test the following ones: 1, 3, 7, 8. You can see signal parameters in the WebUI Status -> Network -> Mobile section. For reference values, check this page.

Best regards,


by anonymous
Thanks for your response.

The modem is connected to an external Yagi antenna on a 12m high mast. The signal is quite a good one for this situation and unlikely to be improved beyond two bars (or -83?).

The SIM is not locked to a device and as reported works in another Netgear modem and the one previous to that.

I'll look at testing the other LTE bands as well as 3G 850mHz and report back.

Thank you
by anonymous
Hi thanks again for getting back to me with some options. It's currently working. This is what I did.

I performed a factory reset

I tested the band's you suggested but there was no signal. Some local research confirmed this that B28 was the correct band to use.

I set the modem to 3 and 4 G with WCDMA850 and B28

I !eft the APN at auto this time and it picked up the correct one

Data then moved from Disconnected to connected!!! Yay!

Despite there being a workable signal on LTE the performance was very poor. The modem did not fail back to 3G because the 3G signal was weaker I guess. I then set it to 3G WCDMA850 only and it's now working way better.

I'll test for a further 24 hrs then report back, hopefully to close this query off.

Thank you again