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by anonymous
I’m looking to purchase either the RUTx11 or 12. I don’t need the mobile networks but the 10 just doesn’t seem available in the U.S.

I can’t find anything in the ability to connect to a wifi signal and rebroadcast it to my wifi and LAN clients.

For example, I have devices connected to the lab port and iPhones connected to the RUTx11 wifi. I then connect the RUTx11 to an external wifi signal like at a marina and then the RUTx11 shares that wifi with my iPhones and LaN devices.

Is that ability imcluded with the RUTx11 and 12?

1 Answer

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by anonymous

Yes, that can be done with all our devices that have a WIFI network. Usually, in the wireless configuration, you add the wireless network with the internet, and it automatically creates a WAN interface. So both the WLAN and LAN clients will have access to the internet through this interface.