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by anonymous

Is it possible to use TRB142 to forward AIS NMEA data, connected to serial  port of TRB142,  to TCP server over LTE (only broadcasting towards server)? (server IP and port is known)

Tried different configurations - communication with the server is established, but serial data broadcast is not reaching server.

Hope for assistance.

1 Answer

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by anonymous


Could you share your configuration screenshot?

I assume you have used OverIP and server modes, as this is the only way to transfer data to remote server.

I suggest to double check RS232 settings between serial devices.

For local testing you can try to use Hercules software.

Best regards,

by anonymous

Hi. I was using OverIP and client mode (as previously on MOXA serial to TCP gateways) - tested data transfer on PC towards server, by using MOXA serial to USB with a soft AISdispacher TCP Client mode worked great.

Serial input is very simple device, TRB142 should only receive serial data from DB9 (+ and -, baudrate 38400) - on Teltonika, I believe the PIN 3 and PIN 5? Correct?

Will give another try with server OverIP, on Monday.

Is there any need to modify TRB142 firewall settings? If yes, would appreciate the example.