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by anonymous

Hello, I would really appreciate your help with this problem i am facing.

I can't open CLI on my RUT955. When I want to open CLI, it always error. I don't know what is the problem. I use the latest firmware. Thank you very much

1 Answer

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by anonymous


  • Did you have this issue before?
  • Did it appear after update?
  • Did you update with Keep settings set to on?
  • Are you connecting remotely from WAN or via RMS?
  • Could you try to reset the device to factory defaults and try again?

Best regards,

by anonymous

Thank you for your response

  • I didn't have this issue before
  • No. I updated the firmware 7 days ago, and it still work. Since 3 days ago, I tried to open CLI, but it was error
  • Yes, I updated with keep settings set to on
  • I'm connecting remotely from WAN
  • I didn't try to reset the device to factory defaults yet
by anonymous

Could you check if Enable remote CLI is enabled in System -> Administration -> Access control?

by anonymous

Yes of course. CLI is enabled