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by anonymous

I'm using the RUT955 router in my camper...

The client WIFI on a camping i want connect to needs a username and password.

When i search for the camping network i find them, i can make a connection but the browser pop-up where i must fill in the username and password is not comming up. So i dont't have internet acces....

who can help me with this



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by anonymous


Can you tell us what firmware version you are running? We recommend updating to the last available version (RUT9_R_00.07.02.5). For this, you can go to System > Firmware > Flash new Firmware image > Update from server, or Update from file, which you can download on the following wikipage:

RUT955 Firmware Downloads - Teltonika Networks Wiki (

To connect your RUT955 to an existing WiFi network, you should go to the option Network > Wireless > Scan and select the Join Network button on the network you will connect to, like you can see on the following wikipage:

RUT955 Wireless - Teltonika Networks Wiki (

You can see the steps to configure a WiFi WAN on the following video.

How to Enable WiFi WAN on Teltonika Networks Routers - YouTube

I’ve done some tests with a RUT955 connecting to a hotspot network like this. Then, the end device that connects to the RUT955 tries to access the internet and it launches a webpage to access with the username and password. After this, it should be able to connect to internet. If not, it's possible that the WiFi administrator is blocking the access from external routers and only accepts end devices.

Kind regards.