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I am unable to restore a backup file I made on RUT240 running on 07.01.4 after updating the router to the latest firmware 07.02.5:

"The selected backup file is not compatible with this device, please choose another file."

As frustrating as the situation is, I decided to revert to the 07.01.4 but the router won't even let me revert back to the older firmware saying:

"Firmware validation failed due to invalid firmware image. Make sure your firmware is obtained from official sources."

although the firmware was downloaded from the official site

Is there a way to fix this issue, I am wasting a lot of time and money because of this problem and on the verge of stop considering Teltonika for future projects. 



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Could you tell if the device details are displayed properly in Status -> System, are there any unknows, zero values, question marks?

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We have the same trouble with an Rut 240 Device. Our Backups can not be used for two similar RUT 240 Devices (Both Firmware RUT2_R_00.07.04). We like to replicate our Device Configuration. But if i want to upload my Backup from one Rut240 to another Rut240 there is an Message "Invalide Backup" "The Selected Backup File is not compatible with this Device, please choose another file ".

We found an Artikel where discripted Issues with diffrent Router Batches (because they have diffrent modem ICS Inside). Is that true ? Because if our connectiv Products go to line Production we must know such an Problem. Which Batch No are compatible to each other ?

Is there a list or something ?

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I would like to point a couple of things about backup files:

  1. In order for the backup to upload successfully, the backup must be taken from and uploaded to devices with identical hardware and firmware. This is represented by device product codes, they must match.
  2. In addition, backup can be uploaded on devices with same or higher firmware versions. Please note that both the devices should be either Legacy or RUTOS.

However, you can try to copy configuration files only from the backup of one device and move them to the other router using scp/WinSCP, as instructed in this page. The directory with the configuration files is /etc/config, excluding system file. 

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