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by anonymous
Hello everyone,

I have a RUT-360 used as an LTE modem for the failover function of an Unifi gateway connected to its LAN.

would it be possible, through a script, to activate a DDNS service of the RUT360 only when the modem is in use as a failover by a gateway?

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by anonymous
Hi Fab,

Yes, it is possible, you can start or stop the DDNS service using the command "service ddns start/stop". You can check if the failover is active by using the command "ip route", usually if the default route is through the mobile interface, that means that the failover was triggered (this depends on what you've setup on the failover of course).

With those information, you can create a bash script that would run every 5min or so, and if it detects that the failover was triggered, it can run the "service ddns start" command. For scheduling when the script should run, you can use the CRON service, that comes pre-installed on the router.

Some useful links:

Best regards.
by anonymous
Thank you so much for the very helpful answer!

If I understand correctly, are you saying that the network layout if using the RUT360 as a failover only would be between the main modem and the gateway?

In practice, cable line modem on the WAN and, downstream, gateway on the RUT360 LAN.

Having a Unifi USG 4-P, I connected the RUT360 to the WAN2 of the gateway so that it could manage the failover.

Your solution would solve all the problems but it has a limit of LAN ports of only 100 Mbps. The cabled line goes to 200 Mbps
by anonymous
Hi Fab,

Sorry i did not really get your planned network topology with the Unifi device and RUT360, could you please draw it and attach the image here?

But yes, the LAN ports would limit it to 100 Mbps, in this case, you can use the RUTX09, that has gigabit ports and LTE CAT6. Or use the RUT360 just to provide mobile connection and use other device to do the failover.

Best regards.
by anonymous


I would like to buy the RUTX09 or 14, but first I need to test the network configuration using RUT360.

Here is what i need:

  • USG must get public IP from both mobile and wired
  • wired connection is managed by USG via PPPoE
  • USG must manage DDNS in order to make a Site to Site VPN working. That DDNS must be the same for LTE and wired

FAILOVER is now badly managed by USG and is impossible to set the same DDNS address for both WANs. The new config should solve these issues.

Can this work?

by anonymous

Here is our network:

by anonymous

just an update. I tried to apply the "simil-DMZ" setting explained for the new network layout, but I get no internet connection.

It seems that is not USG can't establish PPPoE connection via RUT360 and Fritzbox.
by anonymous
Hi Fab,

I think that your second scenario is possible, and you can setup the RUT360 to set the DDNS IP to the IP of whatever interface is active (wired/mobile). So you dont lose track of your office.

Maybe it didn't work because of firewall or port forwarding, you can try setting up your USG device as DMZ on the RUT360 and check if it works, instructions here (it also applies to your RUT360).

Best regards.
by anonymous

thanks for your help.

As said, I  tried DMZ following the same instructions 1 day ago. But nothing passed through the RUT360.
Today I tried that in the main location and, again, nothing. LED light for LAN on RUT360 does not blink.

It seems too complicated for a non-expert like me.... sigh.
If you don't have any other idea I have to scrap the RUT14 upgrade. What a pity.
by anonymous
Hey Fab,

I dont recommend going straight to RUTX14 if you havent managed to get it working with the RUT360, because probably you will have the same issue.

Its strange that the LAN led doesnt blink on the RUT360 when connected to the USG device, you can check on the USG device if auto negotiation is enabled on the WAN port, or if it is set to 1000mbps, because if so, you have to set it to 100mbps full duplex, otherwise they wont communicate.

Also, the WAN port on the USG has to be configured as DHCP, because it has to request an IP to the RUT360.

If nothing of those works, i'd recommend you to talk to some IT Consultant.

Best regards.
by anonymous

Setting the USG WAN port in DHCP now I have internet and the FAILOVER managed by RUT360 is much better than the one managed by Unifi USG PRO !!! WOW

I set RUT360 WAN protocol to PPPoE in order to get Public IP from the modem ( if I keep it to DHCP, I then get an IP from modem)

Now the situation is this:

RUT360 LAN = (as set by initial device setup)
USG WAN = (should be the PUBLIC IP)

Unfortunately, however, it seems that the DMZ does not pass the public IP to the LAN.
Would be possible to set both WAN and MOB1S1A1 in passthrough mode without losing Failover and DDNS capabilities?

UPDATE: I tried to passthrough for MOB1S1A1 and it worked. The issue is now for WAN only. We are almost done!! I hope.