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by anonymous
hello, we are trying to estimate correct values of bytes transmitted via the built-in modem and also a satellite modem attached to the WAN port.

I haven't seen a clear explanation of the differences in output of the values shown in the WebUI and the output of commands like gsmctl -e and ethtool .  Is there an explanation available?

We especially need to understand how much data is being sent via the sat modem attached to the WAN port.   Is ethtool the correct command for that?  We need to be able to read these values using json-rpc to report them to our application software.

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by anonymous



Here are a few links that can provide some additional information regarding JSON-RPC and the gsmctl commands to return the packets sent and received.


The command gsmctl -e will show the number of bytes sent(tx) and gsmctl  -r will show the number of bytes received (rx).  When you go to WEBUI-Network-Interfaces and look at the bytes sent and received they are close to the same amounts.  The difference is most likely due to the time it takes for the WEBUI to update periodically whereas when you run the other commands you are seeing up-to-date data.