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by anonymous
I've used RUT240 for some time now. I had a couple of them working completely fine in a private APN but i found a problem in a newer batch.

The problem is that the RUT240 cant connect to a private APN (same APN used for working RUT240 models).

I checked the hardware revision, rut firmware, the modem and the modem firmware and everything is the same. The SIM card connects to the mentioned private APN with other devices, but not with RUT240.

Im attaching the system log in which the problematic connection is shown. The R10_30 is a regular working RUT240, and the R10_31 is the problematic one.

Please help.

1 Answer

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by anonymous
Hello Drkovac,

It seems that the device is trying to connect to the operator using the 3G-PPP connection. However, can you send me the troubleshoot file from the device? You can download the troubleshooting file from WebUI > System > Administration > Troubleshoot.

Some suggestions that can help you to fix the issue.

Try to use the latest firmware on the device without keeping the settings from old firmware.

Link to the latest firmware:

Try to force the device to use 4G. You can do this from WebUI > Network > Mobile > Service Mode.

Try to test the above suggestions and let me know how it goes.


by anonymous
The force 4G didnt work, for the rest i answered you with a private message