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by anonymous

Hi Everyone

I have a Teltonika Router with an LTE Interface, I have enabled passthrough/ bridge (tried both) to the downlink Fortigate, it did work and the ip of the Fortigate interface has a "public" ip address from the mobile isp
However, the default gateway / dns is not coming from the ISP, but rather form the local DCHP server of the Teltonika Router, since the gateway is not the ISP one, internet is not really working

can you please advise how to fix or/ properly implement bridge/ passthrough

thank you


tested with a Mikrotik router as well, same results: the right ip on the interface, but wrong gateway and the dns server 


TCR100, latest firmware

1 Answer

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by anonymous

The IP address your router receives is not a public IP. That might be the issue.
by anonymous

yes, it's technically a CGNAT address, and it is the address assigned to WWAN interface, 

i don't see a gateway in the routing table, so how can this be bridged/ passthrough as 99% Mobile ISPs will only give a shared publc ip

Tested on a Mikrotik and on the same sim, mikrtoik was able passthrough  the real public ip to the uplink interfaces 

tested with a different APN with real public ip - same issue, can that please be tested it seems to be a bug..

thank you

by anonymous

Could you replicate the issue and attach a troubleshoot file to your question. Troubleshoot file can be downloaded from router's WebUI, System -> Administration > Troubleshoot section.

by anonymous
hi please find attached
by anonymous
I've tested the TCR and the issue did not replicate, however, looking at your logs, it is clear your device struggles to get data connection, within a few minutes it disconnects several times.

I'd like to know if you have a proper internet connectivity, when the router is operating in NAT mode?