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by anonymous


I would like to ask the following uses case:

Is it possible to activate an emergency call via dedicate input on RUT955?

If yes, could you send me the pin used to manage it?

If yes, is it possible to set several numbers in order to contact different people?

When the emergency call is lanched, is it possible to send the GPS coordinates?

Could you send me a macroscopic description about this functionality and how the RUT955 can manage it?

Thanks in advance.

1 Answer

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by anonymous


RUT955 doesn’t have a feature to configure something like this. But you could use a script that’s triggered when an Input changes using the I/O Juggler feature, like you can see on the following wikipage. You can go to the option Services > Input/Output > I/O Juggler and specify the Input and the Action type as Script.

RUT955 Input/Output - Teltonika Networks Wiki (

You can use some of the following commands on that script, to make a phone call:

· gsmctl -A 'ATD+<phone_number>;'

And to send an SMS:

· gsmctl --sms --send “<number> <text>”

Best regards.