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by anonymous
Hey Guys,

please check if there is a possible DNS Bug in the latest Firmwares of RUTX11!

I have two Sim-cards running, one with D1 Telekom Congstar and the other with O2 is connecting fine but D1 has connection but i can not access any page in the internet until i put the google dns in the network/dns Page!


by anonymous

I’ve noticed on the RUTX11 running firmware version, using WiFi WAN (set up as per…

The WWAN interface won’t take any notice when setting a custom DNS.

Network > Interfaces > WWAN > Advanced Settings > Use Custom DNS Servers > Set as CloudFlare and

The weird thing is, my MOB1S1A1 interface will use the custom DNS entries which are applied to the WWAN interface (this shouldn’t happen) but the WWAN interface won’t use them! As soon as I remove the custom DNS entries from the WWAN interface, the mobile interface returns to the default carrier DNS.

It seems like there is a bug - the custom DNS entries aren’t corresponding to the correct interface, despite being set for a specific interface.

I have managed to replicate this  behaviour even after a factory reset, following the YouTube video above, and then applying custom DNS to the WWAN interface.

Hoping it can be resolved in a firmware update!

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by anonymous


DNS server addresses are provided by your ISP. Maybe there are some issues on their side.

Does the router use the correct APN, if it is set to automatically receive one?

Have you tried to restart the modem from Status -> Network section to reload the connection settings? 

You can check what servers is your device directed to with the following CLI/SSH command:

  • cat /tmp/resolv.conf.d/

Best regards,