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by anonymous
Hi there, reaching out in case a mod can help. I can see that most other who were helped with this send a private message with picture of the serials/IMEI etc to remedy. Hoping someone can assist with this.

We received a device back from a demo and this has now gone out to a new customer and they are getting an error when trying to add it in to their RMS. The device itself shows as unregistered when managing directly in the Web UI but when onboarding to RMS they're getting a 'Device with serial xxxxxxxxxx from entry number 1 already exists' error.

Have checked other mentions in the forums the suggested SSH commands to release the registration but these haven't seemed to work (as I don't think the registration exists to begin with?). The device is being sent to site in case the engineer needs to swap out the existing RUT360 that's currently offline (only accessible by boat) and so their configuration was restored from device backup so not sure if this has any bearing or not?

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by anonymous

Technical support engineer from Teltonika here.

Please send the picture with device's serial in a personal message.

Best regards,