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by anonymous

I have following issue. I have cable, wifi and mobile interfaces turned on. I can log into router WebUI by IP provided by each of them. Now I need to establish OVPN connection between the router and PC. This connection is established by mobile connection in local subnetwork. When cable and WiFi interfaces are turned off it works fine but when I turn on any of them it crashes. When one of aforementioned interfaces is working it looks like the router is receiving packages from wrong IP. 

  • When cable and mobile connection are opened packages are sent from cable connection IP   
  • When wifi and mobile connection are opened packages are sent from mobile IP but from the wrong port 20267 instead of 1194
  • When only mobile is active everything works fine

I also tried PPTP VPN with works ok in both cases but I would prefer OVPN. What should I change to set it up ?

1 Answer

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by anonymous


It would be helpful if you provided the topology of your network. What router are you using? 

I assume, that the router acts as a server. Unless you have load balancing configured, the router should only use only one WAN interface to forward traffic to/from internet. Thus, with every additional WAN interface, I would suggest to check it's metric in a routing table or priority in Network -> Interfaces section in the WebUI to see, which interface is used to access the internet. 

Since each WAN interface has a different public IP, this has to be reflected in the client's .ovpn configuration file. The client must know the IP of the interface of the server. Could you check this?

If the above do not help to solve your issues, please share your VPN configurations.

Best regards,