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by anonymous

Currently trying to set up the hotspot, I have followed the instructions but it says, whenever I want to turn it on, "access denied", and algo it doesn't allow me te create more instances just 1, I need to wifi networks with their current data traffic limit.

Thanks in advance.

2 Answers

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by anonymous


What instructions have you followed, what is the end result you want to achieve?

Could you share your configuration?

Unfortunately, due to extensive functionalities and load on the hardware, it is only possible to have a single hotspot instance. Is there a particular reason why do you need two separate hotspots? Would creating a guest network, as instructed here, not be sufficient in your case?

Best regards,

by anonymous
I need 2 wifi networks, each one with data limits, and their own guests networks. Would another device make a solution for my requirement? if so which one? Is there any chance that I can create this two with the current device, even if is with any additional software? What other solution do I have?
by anonymous
Hi I Need help ASAP with this. Is there anyway to create the two hotspot or more in my routers, I need to limit the data traffic in them, I just know the solution through Hotspot but any way that I can control it, helps, or can Teltonika provide me a solution for this?, pretty much appreciated. Thanks.
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by anonymous
2 wifi networks, with 2 independent CPs, should be possible using coova-chilli, running on "official" openwrt. WHich is supported on the RUT955. Howver, steep learning curve :-)
by anonymous
have more info about this?, can it work on the 2xx models?