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Hi all,

I´m currently looking for a router which can be the following stuff:

  • SIM card port to connect to the internet
  • User which are connected to the WLAN will have NO internet connection. The are only allowed to use my app (something like a captive portal)
  • User will be redirect to a capture portal to a webpage, which runs on the my "server" (server = computer which is connected to the router via LAN cable), like They can enter any website (, but they will be always redirected to my portal).
  • Especially only one computer (my server) will have connection to the internet

I found from your side the product: RUT955

1. My question, can this be done with your router?
2. If not: can I install Open WRT? (I found this thread: )

Thanks for your help

I maintain a large fleet of RUT955s, running "official" openwrt, in area of IoT. Because of lot of custom programming, which is not possible on Teltonikas stuff, because not completely Open SOurce. Regarding CP, you have to implement your requested functionality yourself. "Official" openwrts packages very suitable for this purpose (i.e. coova-chilli), much more powerful than Teltonikas stuff. But, be warned: Steep learning curve.

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RUT955 has two SIM card slots (Mini-SIM - 2FF). Most likely, it would be possible to achieve the requested functionality combined with hotspot and firewall features. You could create a guest WiFi network and use a hotspot and firewall functionality to restrict the client's access to the outside internet.

More details about hotspot and firewall can be found below:

Regarding the captive portal, as mentioned above, our routers have a hotspot functionality, which might allow you to achieve the required function.

Most OpenWRT packages could be installed on our devices; however, we cannot guarantee that all installed OpenWRT packages will work on our devices, as there might be some architectural differences, and I am afraid we will not be able to provide technical support as we do not develop them.

Best regards,



Hi Domas, 

Thanks for your feedback.
I´m currently have some fear regarding Open WRT. Please see also the thread here:
Do you have some insights here?

I don´t need this router for a single purchase. I want to sell my product with your router (preconfig comes than also with the software).
Therefore it would be quite important that my requirements will match with this router.

Another question:

1) How many people can connect at the same time
How many people can be connected at the same time
-> As I wrote: they will have no possibility to use the WAN and open pages in the WWW. The should be only allowed to open a single website, where you can view mainly images.

2) Hotspot / Capture portal
-> Is there a tutorial / video how I can configure this?
As I wrote, users should be always redirect to e.g. if they enter any other page.
Of course they should not be redirected to if they are currently open some subpages from

If all those requirements will work also without Open WRT, than it´s also even better.



Sadly, we have not tested the latest OpenWRT versions on our device, meaning we cannot guarantee it will work without any issues; however, if the firmware could not be flashed through the WebUI, it can be flashed through a console (SSH) as it was addressed here with "sysupgrade -F /tmp/FILE_PATH" command.

Regarding the additional questions, unfortunately, I would not be able to provide the number of possible hotspot users with such functionality as we have no test reports regarding this.

As discussed, our device has a hotspot-captive portal which can be found  Services -> Hotspot -> General. More information about its configurations can be found here

As an alternative, you could use Coova-chilli for the captive portal, since it is not a native Teltonika Networks package we would not be able to guarantee that it will work smoothly, but nevertheless, you can give it a try.

Best regards,


Thanks for your reply.

Regarding the Hot Spot portal directly from RUT955:
If it´s possible to do this without Open WRT, it would be the best solution.
Can you give me some insights about this Hotsport portal? Maybe there is also a video etc.?

What does this mean Landing Page = internal?
I would like to have my landing page at one of my computer in the network:
Or is this than in my case: Landing Page = external and I will add such domain:
Is it correct, that as soon a user is login to the hotspot I can pass also some parameter to the landing page:
mac, ip.... ?


Apologies for the late reply.

It is possible to achieve the requested functionality without OpenWRT, only using the WebUI; however, it might lack some feature that OpenWRT have.

Internal landing page means everything is processed on the router, External means that all the data will be directed, e.g., to your server. When the Landing page is selected as External, URL parameters sections become visible, where adjustments of the captive portal can be made, e.g., the IP address of the captive portal gateway can be set, etc.

You may refer to the guides below on how to set up Hotspot; Please note that they are outdated, but they might help you to understand the configuration better:

Regarding the last question, all the data should be visible on your end.

Best regards,


Why do I need ?