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by anonymous

Hi, I am trying to use "cellular" SMS command, but it doesn't work - my device is ignoring it. Yes, I am sending SMS to correct phone number and SMS utilities are enabled (command "password status" works) and command "cellular" is enabled. I am trying to chage state of service, so my command (according to manual) is "password cellular auto_apn=1 service=3g" (as I understood it is required to include either apn= or auto_apn= command), but device doesn't respond in any way. I am pretty sure that I am missing something, but what?

Thanks in advance, 

Miloš Babović

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by anonymous


Having tested the it on RUT9_R_00.07.02.6 firmware, I had no issues with the cellular command. 

Thus, I would like to ask, which firmware version your device has running?

Is the cellular command tied to the correct SIM card (You can set the SIM in the cellular rule settings)?

Could you check the log entries by connecting to the router via CLI or SSH and executing the command logread -f, then send the SMS command to see what happens, when the router receives it? 

Also, including either apn= or auto_apn= commands is not necessary in the message body.

Best regards,